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There are always firsts, no matter how long you’ve been at something.

An old business acquaintance retained my services for a destination wedding over the recent holiday week. I’ve never traveled with a client before, and in retrospect I’m surprised I haven’t. It was a lovely weekend in every way.

I always complain of the heat at home, preferring weather in which I can snuggle into a scarf. Truthfully, whose skin doesn’t look best by firelight? But there is nothing quite like the first breath of a warm trade wind scented with bougainvillea. I peeled off the cardigan I’d worn in the car and throughout the first class flight and let the sun hit my shoulders.

We were escorted to our bungalow by an obsequious bellman.

“Shall I send housekeeping to unpack for you?” he asked.

My companion gave the man fifty dollars and a meaningful look. Our hosts had arranged for a seau à champagne and a plate of fruit, and he reached for the bottle as soon as the door closed. He handed me a glass.

“Thank you, Bianca. This trip would be unbearable without a charming someone to share it with, and as I am… between engagements…” he winked and raised his glass. “To old friends.”

“To good relationships.” I sipped. “Thank you, Daniel.”

I took my glass to the screened door which led out to the lanai. The Caribbean was all of twenty steps from the stone floor. Daniel hung up his jacket and loosened his tie.

“I didn’t bring you here to babysit me, dear,” he said. “I’m going to shower off the airplane air and lie down for a hour or so. Go explore.”

The waves sang to me. I gave him a smile, and stepped out onto the lanai.