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I don’t share my entire life here, as witnessed by the terrible lags between posts, but I do write a lot of it down.

Having always wanted to try my hand at writing stories, I’ve shared some unabridged entries from my diaries as ebooks, and found that I enjoy the process immensely.

In that spirit, I’ve published several more entries, those detailing how I met my blue-eyed lover, in far more detail as a collection.

I’ve made it available for your reading pleasure from Amazon.com and Smashwords.com for only $0.99.

An excerpt that isn’t available here on the blog:

My hand drifted to where he’d abandoned me, seeking the release he’d twice denied me. He stopped me just as I touched myself and drew my fingertip into his mouth.
I slid away from him then, reaching back to unclasp my bra. Biting my lip I reached again for his jeans, drawing down the zipper and pushing them down over his hips. He wore nothing underneath them. He gasped when I ran my finger up the underside of his cock. He was hard, as hot for me as I was for him and I wrapped my hand around him. His eyes drifted shut. With a secret smile, I released him and got up from the couch.
“And where are you going?” He asked.
“I’m thirsty,” I said, walking through the dining room towards the kitchen. When I came back into the dining room, he was there waiting for me. He’d left his jeans behind, and the sight of him, the thought of him inside me nearly drove me over the precarious edge I teetered on. I set down the bottle of water I’d brought and sank to my knees, not caring about the hardwood floor beneath me.

Enjoy. Blue and I did, and continue to.