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The wedding wrung my soul out. I love Scarlet, but she is the spoiled product of our parents’ midlife crisis, and there is nothing that has ever been denied her. She is beautiful, clever, educated… and morally bankrupt. Frankly, she’d probably be better at my job than I am in many respects.

“Beautiful, that frown makes me want to kiss you.”

My blue-eyed lover is perched on a chair in the corner of my bedroom, a camera in front of his face.

“Sorry.” I laugh. “I was thinking about my sister.”

“If my bedroom had had this kind of light, I never would have moved out. Now cheat your left foot a little—”


The purple cashmere throw over my hip begins to slip.

“Don’t.” He scolds me, and I stop reaching to pull it back into place. “Now, no more thinking about your sister, or I’ll climb down there to kiss away the frown.”

I arch a brow in invitation, but he goes on.


“If I kiss you, I’ll lose the light.”

“Oh?” I pout, vamping it up. I really can’t help it. He left me here in the middle of my bed, freshly and thoroughly fucked, and grabbed his camera from his bag, muttering about the light. I find that I like it, this impromptu photo shoot.

He’s crouching on my dressing table chair in just his jeans, the fly buttons undone and begging for my attention. The shutter clicks a half-dozen times. I roll from my side onto my belly, crossing my ankles in the air.

“Wait—” He waves me back.

I shake my head. Ever so slowly, I rock back so that I’m kneeling, ass on my heels.


Folding my hands between my knees, I squeeze my breasts together enough for him to remember how good they felt around his cock.


I skim my hands up the insides of my thighs. Never looking away from the lens, I trace a finger through our mingled wetness, drawing a path past my navel, up my breastbone, around my nipple.


With a smile, I lift the hair up off my shoulders like a pin-up girl, batting my lashes and licking my lips for him.


With my eyes on him and one hand still in my hair, I slip the other between my legs. Performing for him, posing for him, for my own pleasure has me soaked and swollen; I barely touch my clit before the shudder rolls through my whole body. I close my eyes and let my hair fall all around me.