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Jeremy unlocked the front door and in we went…

“Hugo told me it should be fully furnished, but we’d need to go into town in the morning for food,” Jeremy said once we deposited our things inside the door. “I’m starved. Where’s the picnic bag, Bee?”

“I must have left it in the car,” I said.

“We didn’t bring any coffee,” Jeremy moaned, flipping the latch on the paneled front door. He disappeared out into the inky night.

I wandered down the hallway, pressing light switches as I went. They were those two-button ones you don’t find many places anymore. On the counter in the kitchen, I found two envelopes, one addressed to me, one to Jeremy.

Jeremy came back inside, shivering and blowing into his hands dramatically, the picnic bag over one arm. I’m not sure why, but I slipped my note unopened into my pocket. Jeremy noticed his and tore into it like a little boy under a Christmas tree.

Remy,” he read, “I hope you were successful in finding the place, and that you managed to drag Bianca away–